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Public Summary on Sourceforge

The Open Medias Project is an new organization dedicated to the promotion of cooperation and sharing of digital content (particularlly the digital arts) via a set of acceptable copyleft licenses, a centralized community for collaboration, and more...

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Original Sourceforge Project Proposal

The goal of the Open Medias Project is to develop/adapt a set of copyleft liscenses for use in a wide range of digital disciplines including but not limited to: stock photography, 2d digital art/design, 3d digital art/design, 2d animations, 3d animations, digital resources, sound effects, video, video effects, clipart, web designs, themes, widgits, icons etc.

A secondary, but very integral goal to the success of such a movement will be the creation of a strong online community to promote the use of such licensing for works by individuals and groups alike. Key points should be a cohesive way to navigate and search a resources pool, topic based communities (not unlike sourceforge foundaries), ironing out aspects such as mechanisms for distribution of resources (some of which could be quite large), and advocacy guidelines. In addition, developing a uniform way for contributers of content to collect donations for their efforts.

Open Medias would like to use sourceforge as a springboard and allow contributers to gather at a central location for discussion and also development of the code that will drive various aspects of the organizations website and resource tools, all of which will be available to the public under one of the acceptable liscenses that SF requires.

Key Services of SF that will be used in the building of this project:

Other projects of note that are doing similiar things in various disciplines, having provided inspiration for the Open Medias Project, and by no means a complete list:

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Official Project Charter

The goal of the Open Medias Project encompasses several things but I'll attempt to put them into words here. At the heart of the project is the desire to spread the gospel of "open" style licensing as applied to digital content that can be shared, reused, rehashed, remixed, re-composed, and reprocessed.

Creative Commons has taken an excellent initiative by providing resources in the form of a rich set of licenses for such content. Now it's time to start accumulating, indexing, and generally helping to make this content more readily available to the communities that can best use it.

What the Open Medias Project hopes to contribute:

Note this is an early rendition of the project goals and very much up for discussion and debate. This list will likely be revised as new minds become involved contributing ideas about how they would like to see the project unfold.

  1. Strengthen awareness through advocacy of open licensing practices.

  2. Build a community of open content authors and users around which collaboration can take place on a topic by topic, or project by project basis.

  3. Education. Specifically helping authors "package" their content in a way that is best for the general public to locate and make use of their contributions.

  4. Provide tools or instructions for open content authors to collect monetary contributions, commissions for future works, and community feedback.

  5. Build repository resource pools for media-types not yet addressed by the various creative commons portal sites currently in existence. These resource pools are specifically designed for contributors who do not have the know how or capability to host their content without help.

  6. Address issues of distribution surrounding large content, working towards standards that will help make this content as accessible as possible.

  7. Aggregation and Archiving. Write tools for seeking out and sucking digital content as permitted by the affiliated license into a central repository for resource pool growth and archival goals.

  8. An example, with content such as images, perform analysis such that the repository can be search via other more useful parameters such as median color value, color palette, resolution, etc.

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Call for Contributors and Developers

Under construction

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Project Resources

The following resources are a part of the Open Medias Project at the time of writing this document.


Open Medias Sourceforge project site
Access all the sourceforge related services here.

Current Home
Project web services during beta/planning stages.

Future Home
The home for the project once it is out of beta/planning stages.

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News and Announcements

Project News

Project Announcements Mailing List

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Mailing Lists

Public Mailing Lists
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A mailing list especially for discussions surrounding open licensing issues.

Developer's Mailing Lists
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Developer's discussion list.
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Developer list for tracking CVS Repository activity.

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Discussion Forums

Please note that the project mailing lists are the preferred method of discourse, but non the less the following discussion forums are active:

Help Forum
For project help and support inquiries.

Open Discussion Forum
General public discussions of project related topics.

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Project Documents

In the documents repository you will find reference licenses that might be applicable to open medias, collections of internet resources, and more...

Documents Repository on Sourceforge

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The following forms of contacting the Open Medias Project are recommended for general inquiries. For specific inquiries to developers please use the mailing list.

Discussion Lists
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